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Buying a home or an office is a long-term decision and commitment. It requires careful planning and consideration of many aspects, including costs, location, convenience, and functionality. Searching for the perfect real estate property can be daunting and tedious. It often involves months or even years of scouring through stacks of developer brochures, and never ending showroom visits. Property hunting is especially challenging with the emergence of many of Egypt's new and exciting metropolitan cities. 

Should you be struggling to find the right real estate property, we're here with a few valuable tips that can alleviate that stress and help you make the right decision. Before wading deep into overwhelming options, start by writing down the answers to the following questions:

·      What are your needs?

If you're seeking a residential property, it's worth asking yourself what type of
property you’re looking for, whether it’s your very first home to begin a new
lease of life, a home for a newly married couple, or a permanent house for an
expanding family. Once you've better sorted out your needs, you'll be able to
gravitate toward the correct type of property. No matter if you're looking for
studios, suites, one- to four-bedroom houses, townhouses, or duplexes, you'll
be able to find your brand-new dream home at the Nextmove expo.

 If you're hunting for a commercial property, consider the surrounding amenities, functionality, convenience, layout, and square footage. Speak to commercial property

developers at Nextmove for tailored recommendations based on your business
needs, and tips on occupancy costs.

·      Which location are you looking to purchase in?

Location is key to valuable real estate, but picking a property in a suitable location also
depends on your everyday functional activities.

 If you're looking for a new home, consider if you would like it to be close to your workplace or your kid's school. Perhaps convenience isn't a priority, and you would rather dwell in a relaxing environment, such as a beachfront.

If you're seeking retail space, traffic and footfall are essential factors in choosing your business property. Establishing your store or restaurant in a bustling area with excellent public transport connections plays a crucial role in the viability of your operations. Should you be looking to expand your existing business with a new office, consider your stakeholder base and the accessibility of your business.

Be it a first or second home residential property, you'll be able to find the perfect real

estate to suit your needs at Nextmove.

·      What is your budget?

You've put aside some money over the years to buy your future property. Congratulations on
coming this far! With your deposit in hand, now all you have to do is find the
right property that falls within your budget. And doing that is simple at

Rather than considering budgets to fit your dream property, let our developers find you a dream property that matches your price range. Plus, our Nextmove exhibitors are offering exclusive limited-time deals to visitors at the event. 

We also have financial advisors on-site to assist you in designing a comfortable installment plan and to answer all your questions pertaining to financing, mortgages, payment plans, and more.


Searching for your dream home? Here is why you should visit Nextmove:

If you’re a homebuyer or a buy-to-let investor,

  • Find a wide range of affordable properties and special offers: real estate developers have adjusted to create unit offers and expanded the terms of instalments to encourage more sales, and the selection available to you, making this a prime time for you to see new properties
  • Feel the pulse of the Egyptian real estate market, discovering and discussing how developers and mortgage financing institutions will offer different payment solutions for buyers
  • Create meaningful connections and be the first to hear when new projects are launched to market. Make wise property purchasing choices when you’re the first to know, only through Nextmove